Mesh not rotating same amount as armature

Hi peoples!

I am trying to make an animation of a book. To accomplish this I attached each page and the front cover to an armature. However, when I rotate the armature that controls the front cover, the cover rotates too much.

I have attached an image of the book before and after the cover is rotated, as well as the blender file.

book_basic01.blend (946 KB)

How can I get the cover to rotate the same amount as the armature?

there are 2 armature modifiers in the book cover’s modifier stack. Delete 1

Almost everytime I see this behavior it’s because there are 2 armature modifiers on the mesh object, so select the mesh in object mode and check how many armature modifiers are on it. If it has 2 armature modifiers on it, delete one and it should remedy the problem. If this was the problem, post back here and I’ll provide an explanation. If this isn’t the problem, post up the .blend file and I’ll look at it.


You were right there were two modifiers. I removed one and now its fixed. Thanks for you help.

FYI… Here’s what happens, when you parent a mesh to an armature, blender adds an armature modifier to the mesh. If you clear the parent relationship (alt-p) blender un-parents the mesh from the armature, but doesn’t remove the modifier. So if you parent the mesh to the armature again, blender adds another armature modifier.