Mesh not "smooth"

Here is a model that shows texture that should not be there. It should be all smooth with crisp edges. I checked normals and they are OK. Working in 2.5 for the first time.

Would appreciate any help.


beckfield_seal4.blend (376 KB)

The problem is with the geometry. Smoothing looks bad with long, thin triangles.
Try this: in Edit mode, select all of the faces that you want to be flat (coplanar) and set them to be Flat.

On your model, there’s a problem there :
It’s this edge that is attached to nothing, just select it in Edit Mode and delete it.

This floating edge is present in the other side of your model too, delete it there too.

That done,
-In Object Mode
-select your model
-press the Smooth button in the left panel.
-Then in the right panel click on the Modifier tab (the one that looks like a blue wrench)
-in the Modifier list, select Edge Split.

You can tweak the Edge Spilt by angle, or in Edit Mode select the edges you want to be sharp for the Edge Split to be more precise.

Thanks guys. It all worked out. :slight_smile: