Mesh not totally joined, problem?


In my current project, I am tryign to create dents on a surface… I might not be doing the right way so now I am having this situation whereby i create the dents on another plane and try to adjust the new plabe onto my original mesh… please see below:

As shown, I have created another mesh on the right side, and model the shape, and then i will move the right mesh to the left to put it back ontop of the trapezium…

In this way, the 2 mesh cannot be 100% meld together, I am just wondering if this is a problem?

If this is not the correct way, what shd I do do create the shapes on the trapezium on the left?


Either by texturing or loopcut.

I’ll explain the loop cut as it might be better here. Hit Ctrl+R to activate loopcut. On the left object make the purple line go on it then LMB to select those faces. You can then move that line to where you want the new row of verts to be placed. Cut the mesh until you have enough to work with to make the ridges like in the right mesh.


Thanks for ur reply,

Actually i know that loopcut will do it… however, I am getting the “Loop crosses itself” error when I m trying to do that…

I have checked that there are no double vertices or hidden faces anywhere in the mesh… but it the loopcut just dun work…

thats why I resorted to work in another mesh and try to combine it… and wondering if its incorrect to do this…

imageshack and photobucket both are down at the moment… so i cant show u the result, which i dun really see any problem now…

It’s not that it is really a problem, it will just be a major pain to join them. Unless I’m being dense right now, I can’t think of a tool more perfectly suited for this. You tried removing doubles? Are there any triangles in your mesh? They could be messing up the cut. Sorry I can’t think up anything else at the moment.