Mesh object has no attribute faces Error

Im using the blender .M3 plugin to look at Starcraft 2 models but when i try to open it i get an error saying mesh object has no attribute faces. Heres the link to the plugin:

The models textures and model are in the same file, im very new to blender any help is appreciated, ive also seen similar errors with other plugins there seems to be some solution.
Heres a picture of the error:

Also i may have made a post in tech support fourm, but i dont see it in there so i dont think the post went up so im posting here as its more appropriate i think.


Looking at the date of that addon (nearly 2 years old) it probably hasn’t been updated to work with the version of blender you are using.

I’ve moved this thread to the python support forum which is the most appropriate place to ask about this.

hi, if you can provide a test file I could look at this.
there’s a few import .m3 addons, with a test file I can fix.

edit, lfound test files.
addon is broken badly. maybe I cannot fix.
note .m3 importer is in Bender
I will be moving out of release unless fixed soon.

On the right hand side there is a download button, the file contains several m3s and their associated textures.

Assumeming the post goes up so you know these are files that were converted from m2s to m3s, but still they are the same thing.

hi again, this looks active: