Mesh object rigging problem does not follow rig completely

I have created a character in makehuman. imported it to blender. did some work on the meshes (made a jacket) and then set to work on the rig ready for animation, but when i attempt to parent the jacket to the rig, the torso works fine as far as motion, but the arms fail to follow correctly moving only slightly when the arm is moved.

I am still pretty new to rigging and have used up everything I know. I am wondering if anyone here is willing to look over things and see if they can figure out where i messed up.

Have had to use drop Box as the file slightly exceeds the limits here for the attachment manager.

(Yes i realise it is probably a huge mess as far a a file goes. lol)

[edited for typos]

  1. erase all weight on the jacket.
  2. Select the womans body.
  3. Shift-select the jacket
  4. press spacebar, type “transfer”
  5. click on “Transfer weights”

this will transfer the weights from the womans body to the jacket (arms, chest, everything)

would that generally apply for any other objects that i wish to add to her (i.e. belts etc)

yep. If you are pleased with the body’s weighting, then form fitting accessories will work fairly well with transfer weighting. You may have to do a little touchup after.