"mesh objects"? missing in render


this a realtime view


This is a render.

One object, as far as I can tell, one material. (all share a UV map)
same layer (one object)

But during the render, a ring is missing. I can’t figure it out. I added the ring and it’s UV mage to the texture later, but the object is using one giant UV map.

Also note, the “elevator” in the uper-right is reacting to the AO calculations differently. I am stumped. This is version 2.37a. The “elevator” and the “ring” were appended in form different .blend files.

Any ideas what is causing this part of the mesh to disappear?

EDIT: There were a bunch of materials on the object, I deleted the links to all but one, I got the ring back, but it still is not using the UV map, even though it is clearly mapped out in the UV editor…

EDIT II: OK, so I eventually had to hunt down all over the place a bunch of linked textures and materials, unlink them or delete them, and then create a new material, mostly an incovenience caused by using the BRayBaker script on an active .blend instead of a back-up.