Mesh on pelvis breaks when leg is bent

Hey guys, got an issue with posing my character. When the leg is bent at a high angle and knee is lifted up I get this mesh rip going all the way to the back. Same issue when I lift up the arms. Didn’t find a similar problem when I looked up on the forum or google. I’ve spent 3 days trying to figure it out already and it’s driving me nuts. Any help would be much appreciated.

You will have to delete as much as you can. Even the slightest weight of 0.0001 can cause such problem.

There are many ways to delete these. You can start with “Clean” to remove low threshold values. Perhaps try Quantize (you will have to smooth it again).

I wonder if something of these works.

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I lost some natural curves right where the shoulder bends but kinda managed to clear the area and made it smaller so it’s easier to smooth out. Thanks a lot this is the exact tool I was looking for!

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