Mesh painting

it says
“You cannot paint on a mesh in Texture Paint mode without first unwrapping your mesh, and doing one of the above steps.”

  1. What are the “above steps”
  2. is Unwrap the only accepted method for UV mapping? or can I use “Smart UV Project”?
  3. Finally I’ve been reading that page three times and still do not understand why it doesn’t paint.

i think the "above " steps are actually “below” ! create a new image or add an image in the uv editor
any unwrap method is suitable but check for stretching, you may want to unwrap to a test grid first as the painting will be affected by the size of the uv polys

  1. I think it actually refers to the steps that are below, not above (“Before you can paint, you need to either…”). Although where it says “Create a new image and save it to a file” - that and is not crucial, just remember to save it when you’re done :slight_smile:

  2. Method is just method. What matters is that your model should be UV unwrapped. How you do this is entirely up to you, depends on your workflow and what you’ll be using your texture for. Just make sure you don’t have overlapping UV islands so you don’t get any weird artifacts.

  • Unwrap
  • Edit mode
  • Select all faces
  • UV/Image editor: create new image (power of 2 dimensions are preferable)
  • Leave edit mode
  • Enter Texture Paint mode
  • Paint

Thanks to you both I finally reach the painting experience!
is there a way to suggest correction in the manual?

I’ve made the changes suggested in this thread. Thanks for the excellent input.

@Raphael: Anyone can create an account and edit the Wiki! That’s what makes it great. However you must also make sure to preview your changes and read the whole page again when you’re done, to avoid problems like the one you found. Now that you’ve done some painting, please look over the page and let me know if you find other inconsistencies. Thanks.

Well actually I must admit the page is not that clear to me. Maybe I should study a little more the different features, before than daring to suggest changes in the manual. Globally I find the manual is a little wordy, and should go straighter to interface operation. Assuming one has also to understand by practicing. Now that I know that changes can be done by the community, I will not see it the same way. That’s something I find really beautyfull.

^^^Agreed, it could be much better overall. For example, some of the 2.66 content has outdated information copied from older versions, like the “Magic Pencil” button reference that I removed from the Texture Paint page. Thank you for pointing out the specific problems you found and please feel free to post about more when you find them.

Thanks a lot for your encouraging they touch me deeply. I know entering a community is easier at the start, than when others start to guess you have flaws too :wink: I especially feel strange about my usage of 3d which is not as much for illustration, than for volume exploration.