Mesh parented, weighted to specific bone but still doesnt move in pose mode.

Hi I am fairly new to blender but for the past few weeks I have been building my own model and have been having fun. I am finally at the point of rigging it and everything was going fine until now.

So far all my other bones have been able to move the weight parts of the mesh without trouble. this is the first one where for some reason even though its weighted and bound( this part of the mesh is not a seperate mesh from the other fingers which work fine). I googled around and made sure the bone was set to deform and I dont know what to do. Here is a link to what its doing. I appreciate any help you guys can give.

The mesh was parented to the armature with empty groups. It did not auto do this for me.

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I have absolutely no idea whatsoever! - this you can cure by posting the blend file, either here, or if you cannot because you are new here, to then post the link here so we can look at the file.

Cheers, Clock.