mesh parts missing after parenting rig

Hi there,

I been playing with this goblin model I made:

After adding a human metarig (with Rigging: Rigify addon), adjusting the placements, I “rigified” it. Then I parented it using automatic weights.

However, after the parenting parts of the mesh disappears. Specifically I am missing torso, arms, legs and feet. This happens to other models I tried, too.

There is some sort of error/warning message on top right about some Autorun disabled: Driver. If I click on reload trusted, I get the rig back, and I can play with the poses without IK.

I am running into problems with weight painting, as well. I can’t seem to paint on parts that are hidden behind other geometry.

So basically, I am in need for tips on

  1. How to properly use rigify so that I don’t miss parts of the mesh after parenting
  2. How to apply weight paint on parts that are hidden behind geometry (vertex grouping can be a solution?)

Thanks in advance.


try clearing the Rig from the Mesh…
then goto File > User preferences > then > File > and check the box next to “Auto run python scripts”

then try reparenting the Rigg to the Mesh and see if that helps…

Thanks norvman… its been a headache for me after several hours and found your solution. :slight_smile: