Mesh "Pinching" at Joints

Hello, I am trying to rig a minecraft character for some animations, but I am having a problem with my mesh getting “pinched” (I’m not sure exactly what to call this) at the armature joints. I’m also unsure of how to make the joint with the legs and torso look better, so it doesn’t look like there’s a notch in him. Thank you for any help!


steve.blend (885 KB)

I do not see what you want fixed. The legs look good to me . I see the elbow looks small.
You know corrective shape keys and driver. where you fix the mesh in pose with a shape key and ad the driver for the shape key to the bone that moves and deforms the leg. It will not be perfect because of the shape cube. loop cut to these parts will round the joints and I do not think you like that. I think the pole targets for the legs could come out a bit.
One maybe Im guessing here. What if the legs where in 2 part and the arms where in 2 parts divided at elbow and knee?
will that help?

I think I know what you need. Have you checked the “preserve volume” box? It’s with the armature modifier in object modifier section once the mesh is parented to the armature.

Thank you, preserve volume was exactly what I was looking for. I thought there was something like that, but I was looking for it in the armature settings.