Mesh Planes and joining (ctrl+J)...??!!??

Im just starting using Blender so am still trying to get to grip with the operation.
I am following a Tutorial and have got to a point where Im stuck and I cannot work out how to do the step at all…
Im hoping somebody here will be able to help.
Here are the steps:
This is causing me particular problems, I am creating the first square (8x8) and successfully extruding both ends to create the additonal 3m section followed by another 8m section (first paragraph).
I then cannot find a way to select just the inner sections individually and join them (second paragraph), where the left picture shows the outer 2x sections highlighted in Pink. From my understanding I should be able to highlight the centre section (8x8) in pink and make the necessary adjustments, then highlight both the 3m sections join them and make any changes, then finally (just like the picture) the outer 2x (8x8).
I tried various ways and am certain it is my creation of the above mentioned planes that is causing me not to be able to APPLY at this section.
I suspect this may be very simple stuff for you experts, so I hope you can find the time to try and help me solve this.
If so, can you please explain the necessary steps to complete it properly (edit/object/face modes etc).

Also feel free to Email if its easier.

Yeah, he missed a step. In order to join the two outside meshes, they need to be seperate objects.

Do this: Extrude the edges as in paragraph 2, then select the 8 verts that make up the two new faces, 4 on either side, then hit P to seperate them. Exit edit mode, select the new mesh and then name it.

Thankyou very much for the help.

I have now done it thanks to your advice :slight_smile:

Ive completed step 7 but it doesn’t look right…:confused:

I would have thought the road,roadedge and ground textures should have extended all the way around the track and not part of it like I have…

The next step listed is to delete the original track line…then i’d only be left with a part of the track.

Any idea why thats happened???

Ive included a screen shot of what I mean (attachment).


No clue without doing the tute myself. Can you link it?

Sure no problem :slight_smile:

Ok, If you changed the length of the curve AFTER you applied the Array modifier with Fit to Curve Length on, then this will happen. Go back a step and make sure you have the first paragraph of step 7 right before you hit apply. Make sure the curve name is right in the Ob field, letter cases do matter. Do exactly as he has it there.

I did not change the length of the curve at all after applying the array modifier :frowning:

Ive solved it :slight_smile:

For some reason unbeknown to me, the size of the road plane i was trying to array was having an effect. When i enlarged it it worked fine and has filled the entire track.