Mesh/Point Cloud Gluing/Stitching

I have been trying to build a python script that will turn blender into a manager and importer. I have an optical sensor that exports data in obj format and I wanted to see if I could increase the resolution of the sensor when looking at large objects. I need the blender python script to tell a micro controller to move an object uniformly in-front of the detector.

(Blender would export data to C:\Program Files\MM3000 rigger.mm3 file to cause the micro controller to move a set distance.) The script wouldn’t get any feed back from the micro controller about a move being complete. So a timer will be needed to delay until the next obj image can be taken.

The detector will start at the first image position so I’m getting a little ahead of myself. First the script will take an image from the obj file.

C:\Documents and Settings<username>\Desktop\WFS\WFS.obj the program affiliated with the detector stores this file every time the WFS.exe program is run. The external program doesn’t rename the obj for new mesh outputs just over writes the old obj file. These obj files need to be assembled in blender so that even tho the WFS.exe has no knowledge that the detector is being moved around in x/y space blender can assemble the vertex points in a completed (large image) mesh.

Here is an example of the obj file: the file doesn’t use an .mtl file so I figured it could be left off. The file is x, z, y in order of column. (The order of XYZ values and/or the export type of the WFS.exe program can be changed.) The final mesh will have a 5 vertex overlap in both the x and y directions. The script would need to determine if the second mesh imported had error by looking at the overlap areas to see if the first mesh lines up with the second mesh. If the second mesh doesn’t quite meet in the overlap with the first mesh then the script will move the second mesh in the z direction to be near the first mesh’s general z position. (not actually changing the shape of the second mesh to make it fit just moving it along the z axis)
For Example:
In this example I duplicated the one obj and moved it over the correct number of spots in the x direction.

I would like some help in the design and construction of this program. I have only built a simple obj importer so far and need the help of people who are good at programming in python. I am overwhelmed by this project. If it can be done it would be epic and make blender have even more strength.

I’m using Blender 249.2 with Python 2.6.2.
Thanks for your time.