mesh problem

ok i keep having this problem where i run into any mesh and my cube just goes trew it some people told me to use servo controls to fix this… but i just dont know how to use it… someone gave me a blender file about the servos controls but i saw that when u stop moving the cube actually keeps sliding a little bit… i want it so that when u stop walk the cube instantly stops. anything guys? :S:spin:

If it’s the servo demos file then you need to go to the last scene. It explains how you use a second servo to make the cube slow down very quickly.

Servos are by far the best way to get realistic movement and remember a little sliding makes things look much more natural, you just don’t want it to look like you are on a skating rink

no its not that 1, its one a dude amde me xP

Ok, search servo demos in the resource forum and it will show up, its a great file. I learned a lot by going through it

ok ill give that a try xP