Mesh Renders but fire does not render.

My apologies if this is the wrong thread for this question:

I do not understand why my fire sim which is visible in the preview does not appear in the final render. This blender 2.69 rc 3 but I have been having similar problems in 2.68 also.

Thank you for your help.[ATTACH]267972[/ATTACH]

Your smoke domain has node-shaders enabled, but you don’t have any nodes. Switch that off and it renders fine.

Thank you J_the_Ninja, I was trying to add some composting according to this tutorial I guess I got confused at some point. If you have time do you think you can tell me why I cannot make the lightning bolt a flow object? I have tried a few times but have not been able to do it.

Making the bolt a flow-object works fine here. Just add smoke to it in the physics tab and change type oto “flow” (you don’t want to use quick smoke for this, since you want it to share the existing domain).

J_the_Ninja, Thanks for your help. (I’ve been out of town for a few days.)

Before I asked you about setting the bolt on fire, I was doing exactly what you said to do and it still wasn’t working. A minute ago it occured to me that I might need to start from frame 0, and of course as soon as I did that it worked fine. (before this, I was changing the settings in the middle of the animation - not frame zero. I learned something new about blender today. Go back to frame zero after making changes to a simulation.

Thanks again for your help. It is greatly appreciated.