Mesh Report

(Hos) #1

Most experts In subdivision surface modelling believe that
you should only model your mesh using quads to avoid
visual artifacts.

Here’s a very quick and simple script I hacked together
that tells how many quads/tris/other are being used in the
selected mesh, and gives a lameness value that tells
how much the mesh sucks:


(Eric) #2

LoL…but why has my model a lame-factor of as high as 0.14 …GRRR! :smiley:

(Vidigiani) #3

yay my lamborghini only has a lameness factor of 0.063… I guess that means it has a coolness factor of 99.037. Can’t complain about that :stuck_out_tongue:

(Hos) #4

Actually, I wrote this to test a remodelling
of a character of mine called Humungo.
I was happy to discover that the new
Humungo mesh has a lameness of 0
(perfect) whereas the old Humungo had a
lameness of 0.28 (sucks).


(theeth) #5

Didn’t you also made one that put vertex paint in problematic spots?

PS: I won’t say the laymness factors of my models, since I’m pretty fond of hard edges and spikes with subsurf…

(Hos) #6


You can make such things and still have a non-lame mesh (just takes a little more work).