mesh sculpts

Happy easter all. I am frustrated with blender and the scripts. I have installed blender and python 2.6.5 and scripts for installed in the blender scripts file.
I have tried everything to get the mesh sculpt to load to no avail. I have even uninstalled all of it numerous times and still the same error comes up Python script error : check console. The error on the console is …ImportError: cannot import name getBB
What should I do? I am at a loss here. A friend has the same operating system that I do…win 7 and his is running fine.
Is the UVsphere the same as the mesh sculpt? Will it perform in the same manner. I ran a tutorial for a basket and some results were slightly different. that could of been me though.

So, any help would be fantastic. Noobie to this so laymans terms would be best.
thanks for anything…


Think I remember this. Are you using 2.49b? On startup does the console say “Searching for Python… Got it!”?

If so then the only thing I can think of is that you have duplicate scripts in the scripts folder. They need not relate to Sculpt, if it runs thru the list and gets a duplicate it stops parsing.

If none of that helps a screenshot or C&P of your Console Error will help.


well i went to sl and downloaded an additional script file and it is working now. not the way the tut shows for the selection but a larger variety of options for the mesh sculpts.
before it did say…Got it! but when i went to load the mesh sculpt it gave me the error message. and every time i uninstalled both blender and python i made sure i cleaned up all the loose ends with one of the cleaners that i have. then reinstalled the bunch and the same things happened. a friend suggested searching sl for some blender groups and i found that other script. i thought what the heck and installed it and 'viola. now i can actually start doing something with it.

by the way…what is the difference between a uvsphere and a mesh sphere?

thanks for your response fligh i do appreciate it…


What’s SL?

Both UV and ICO Spheres are Mesh type Primitives. UV consists of mainly Quad Faces (tri’s around the poles) and ICO consists of only Triangles. The math used is different too as UV is calculated using Rings and Loops and ICO is calculated using only Subdivisions.