Mesh select mode in pie menus.

The main reason I want to use pie menus is for the mesh select mode (ie vertex edge face). Currently you have to execute two series of key presses in order to switch between modes (ctrl escape then 1-3). This is by far my most common menu interactions in blender, and was very surprised when it wasn’t streamlined in the pie menus addon. This made me start to wonder if I am doing something different than most.
Is there a way to add this to pie menus?
If this is my most common menu interaction am I doing something wrong or different?

Yes there is a way :slight_smile:
And it already exist as an addon, very well implemented.

Wazou’s Pie Menus

You can either use this addon (this would be my suggestion as it’s really good implementation of Pie Menus).
Or you can just cannibalize the Pie Menu that deals with EditMode (mapped to TAB).

You can set your own hotkeys for each by opening the menu and right clicking on the options -> add shortcut.