Mesh SequenceCache modifier weirdness

Hello everyone,
Just getting started in Blender so please be gentle ;-).
Attached is an image of the problem I’m having. In image1 I brought in a rig, no animation on it, with textures. When I look at it in Cycles it looks fine, image2. I add a MeshSequenceCache modifier to the
clothes geometry stack, you can see my settings in image3, everything looks great, my animation is correct, normals look fine, life is good. Then when I try to render, either in the viewport or F12 I get the invisible woman. Any ideas?
I’m on 3.1 on M1 mac, OSX 12.2.1
I checked and I get the same results in Windows 10.


could you show the outliner
it should not be the cache modifier
have you also assigned the modifier to the body what happens then? are both then not visible?