Mesh shifts once parented to Armature?

This is a common problem that under normal circumstances can be fixed by changing the relative location from global to local in the panel, but apparently that’s only available in Blender render and not Cycles. So, I need help. What do I do to keep the mesh from shifting after it’s parented/how do I revert it to its original location once parented?

Post a file and describe how to create your problem, would be best.

I really don’t know what you are rigging, organic or solid meshes?? Using an armature modifier?


I was planning on that and then my internet cut out - my apologies!

I’m going to start by saying I’ve made a mess. I’ve sculpted the shirt to fit the pose, not the resting pose and when I try to parent it, it twists. Or it simply isn’t affected (as in, it doesn’t move with the armature)- there is no in-between.

Here’s some screenshots to show you:
Before armature modifier/parenting

After modifier/parenting

Another thing I’m trying to do is attach wings to the model but the same shifting problem happens and I want to make sure I have the shirt attached properly before I attach the wings (so I can make sure they can go back into a neutral pose cleanly)

(The wings are way at the bottom of the object list - called “scapula.” They are currently without armature and I’ll need to remove the scapulas from the mesh to join it to the human mesh so you can play around with them if you want but that’s how they are right now)

I’m aware I’m most likely going to have to redo the tank top and boots to fit the body in the resting pose, but I’m trying to find a solution to the shifting problem to start out.

Here’s the link to the file:

If anyone can help out, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Yea, don’t do that, don’t model clothes to fit a posed model. Model the cloths while the armature is in it’s rest position. Looks like you modeled a shirt that was twisted to match the posed armature. This twisted pose of the shirt is it’s rest position, so when you add the armature modifier, it twists more because the shirt is twisted to start out with.

Create the shirt with the model in rest pose, then pose the model, sculpt the mesh as needed for a single pose.