Mesh shrinking with some bones.

I have rigged a dragon and everything works except for all of the toes. The problem is that when i rotate the toe bones the mesh of the toe shrinks to nothing.

I tried using ‘apply rot/size’ but that doesn’t work. Any other ideas?

Hi, it sounds as though the mesh is beng twisted too much.

Have you tried Alt R to remove any rotation to the bone in question? Do this in Pose mode and you might find that the mesh corrects.

If not un-parent the mesh from the armature, go into Pose mode, select all bones and hit ALT R again. Then in Edit mode for the armature, move the bones to fit your mesh. Then re-parent the mesh to the armature using Closest bone. That should sort it out.

Hope this helps,


I tried what you said but it didn’t work, I’ll show the problem in these pics for anyone else that may know how to fix it?

This is the result of rotating the foot, notice the bones coming out of the mesh.

it looks as if the vertex groups on the toes are also influenced by other bones then the toe bones (i.e., the toe bones don’t affect the vertices by 100%). go into weightpaint mode, select each group and check the influence. if you discover that, let’s say some leg bone is also affecting your toes’ vertices, then you have the bug.