Mesh size dimension... Noob Question


I am very new to blender, so forgive me if this question seems a bit simple. I have spent a few hours looking for an answer in the manual and over the web without joy.

I have started to do my own project which is to build up a simple chair out of several diffierant objects, mainly cubes. This to aid me in learning about parenting and texturing amongst others.

My problem is how do I scale the object to each other. ie the dimension of each part. I have a real chair as a referance which I can take measurments of. but the only dimensions in blender I can find are percentages of the object before transformation or its place in 3D space?

For extample I want a cross bar 5 units by 3 units by 2 units, next to a leg which is 2x2x40 units.

Any help on this would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


You can conisder X as width, Y height and Z length and use same values for them(or proportionally smaller).

In Object Mode hit N (for Transfor Properties) and then type your values for DimX, Y, Z.

For example: chair leg wirth sizze of 2x2x40 you can set as DimX = 2, DimY= 40, DimZ = 2, or Dim X=0.2; Y=4; Z=0.2.


Thanks for that… I had tried it before but couldn’t understand why the object jumps around the screen. Then I figured you have to have the centre point of the object actually at the centre of the object… before I had moved it around… It must scale the object in relation to its centre…

Many thanks