Mesh slicing in BGE

Is there a way to deforn/slice a mesh in game(the same effect as the creation tools in littlebig planet) ? Just using slimpe shapes to cut into other simple shapes to create complix meshies. I was just wundering, and thoughit could comein usfule for user coustomisation sections of games in BGE. I am aware of the slice script in edit view.
If thers a way plaese link/point me in the right direction.


You can’t do booleans or mesh edits beyond limited moving vertices around at the moment, end even then the physics mesh doesn’t change from the original.
In a nutshell: You’d probably be better off making your own engine from scratch, than trying to get blender to do what you want.

I’d say if you are good enough to be better off making your own engine from scratch, then you’d be better off improving blender yourself.

Ok so the answer to my question is no theres not such a script at the minit :stuck_out_tongue:
thanx anyway i was just cureus, il look fourther into the edit slice thing and m3ess with the code for a bit, i was just chekin to see if anyone elses had already dun it , and that i would only be wasting my time.
reply if ther is suck a script out ther