mesh subsurf + propor edit?

i got a file from Nodes wiki
and it’s the iceberg blend file with the iceberg a mesh with subsurf applied

here something interesting that indon’t udnerstand

but when i go into edit mode and select a few vertex to move theses
it’s like it is in proportional mode and may other vertices are following the movement ?

i mean can somone explain how it is possible without being in proportional mode ?


I downloaded the .blend I think you were looking at (ice_nodes.blend)

Proportional editing is actually turned on in this .blend file.

Settings like window divisions/sizes, proportional editing, etc. are saved with the .blend file, so if the creator of the file had it on when they saved the file, then it will be on when you load it.

I can’t seem to download the file from that site. Could you post it?

Never mind. Actually was able to download the file. And yes. Proportional edit was on. If it is gray its Off. Orange is one of the On settings.

There’s also a possibility that the subsurf modifier is applied to your mesh in Edit mode. This makes you work on subsurfed mesh instead of the original mesh (not subdivided). If lines on your mesh flow gently curved around your object, you’re in this mode.

Go to Edit mode and to Modifiers tab. Check subsurf modifier and click on small round icon there. It should disable this mode.

your right i was not looking at the right place

the Propor edit little circle was orange meaning that it was in proportion mode !

it look so weird to see this and be in thsi mode

it’s not something i used very often and i should it can help sometimes for curvy things

i did try the Subsurf but did not see any change if enabling or not the little circle
for subsurf in edit mode!

but anyway i’l try to test on another mesh and see the difference

and have fun with icebergs
Thanks Guys