Mesh Surface Problem

Hi. Can anyone tell me why the surface of the mesh in the attached picture looks broken?

I made the mesh by making concentric extruded circles, removing unwanted vertices, then extruding on the z axis to give the shape thickness.

I have removed doubles and recalculated normals but something is still wrong with the mesh as you can see from the shading.

I’ve attached the blend file too. Note that I’m using a fisheye mirror/camera rig in Blender but I don’t think this is the cause of the problem.



RF Mast Symbol.blend (444 KB)

You have the object as ‘set smooth’. Select it in object mode and Editing (F9), Link and materials, Set Solid.


…or leave it set smooth and add a Subsurf Modifier.

Or just recalculate normals. Ctrl+n.
Well that’s odd…the normals are already correct…That looks much like a normals issue. That’s what I get for not reading the OP’s entire post. /facepalm Well, as Richard stated, clicking “set solid” will make it look nice and pretty.