Mesh/Texture from Blender to Flash

My team is using Away3d in Flash for a 3d game project

I am modeling the levels in Blender, and have been applying textures to the faces… I don’t know anything about UV mapping, baking, etc… I’'ve just been selecting faces in edit mode, and have the UV Image window open to add images to the faces.

I want to export these levels, with the textures on their faces, to Away3D.

I have tried the python script exporter from rozengain:

But it only exports the mesh into an AS3 file…nothing for the textures.

I have tried using preFab, from the makers of Away3D. The program’s interface is clearly for advanced users. I was hoping I could just import my model, add textures to faces, and export to AS3… not as easy as I would have hoped.

The final option is importing the mesh into Away3D… and adding the textures through code… which for our huge level, and our very short time frame, may be impossible.

Can someone please let me know if there a simple flow to getting mesh with textures into Away3D?

it is better to export from blender to .as using as3Exporter.
in away3d write
var newObject:as3ExportedObject = new as3ExportedObjec();
newObject.material =new bitmapMaterial(your material); (not sure about new away3d script but it is easy to apply if you export as3Exporter object as mesh)
just open and look what as3Exporter extends.

by the way check uv coordinates before using blender exported object. 1 problem that i am going to post here in the forum is blender somehow flips faces backwards.