Mesh Too > Subdivide selected edges - HELP PLEASE

Hey all, I have a question and I have spent time looking for the answer without success so i was wondering if somebody could kindly help.

When I use the Mesh Tools > Subdivide selected edges button (not the subdivide modifer) I seem to get two different results.

  1. the face is subdivided into 2 faces
  2. only the edge is subdivided and keeps one face only

What i need to do is the 1st option. For now it seems to me that it is completely random process. most of the time it works then on some faces it won’t. I have tried face select / edge select modes, that dose not change anything.

I’m sure im missing something any ideas or answers would be very appreciated.

Many thanks

If you subdivide one edge it seems to consistently only subdivide the edge (leaving a single vertex in the center of the edge),

but if you want to subdivide the face into two faces then try selecting both edges on opposite sides of the face and then subdivide. This will slice the face down the middle, however this will also leave Ngons (face with more than four sides) on the surounding faces which is generally bad topology.

It might be a better idea to use an edge loop instead (control-R) which will still divide the face in half, but also the surrounding faces, which will not make any Ngons.