Mesh tools

Hi Blender’Folks,

Is there a blender’s action or a script that would slide a vertex along the edges of a mesh liek in modo or Cinema4D, please?

It’s very useful.


there is a commandf i blender for that

now in script but certain in this aPI but will be in the next API for 2.5!

hope it helps

Thanks for your reply: but this command is for insert key in anim mode, isn’t it?

Ha no, RickyBlender!
I have understand your reply, you will say: a command in Blender. Ok but what is the script you say, please?

I don’t know how these other applications do it but there is a Blender way:

  1. Bring up the Transform Orientations dialog in the View menu.
  2. Select the two vertices that define the edge.
  3. Click Add in the Transform Orientations dialog, Accept Edge, then click the box to the left of the name to enable.
  4. Select the vertex you want to move.
  5. Enter G Z Z and slide away.

Ok jrboddie1,

That is what I call an efficient process!

Thank you very much of France!

Question resolved, now!

ok another way ?

ctrl-Shift c and select edge
that’s it man

hope it helps

If you are ok to slide a whole edge instead of a vertex, select an edge hit CTRL-E and choose slide edge.