Mesh Tracking Tools (Preview)


Weekend 2 weeks ago I worked on something I called: Object Based reconstruction. The idea was to make less points needed when tracking objects of known shape. I got some good results and wanted to share my script.
Last week I found some time and decide to put together small add-on (based on Object Based Reconstruction script)…
Funny thing: in process of making it I created some (in my opinion) quite useful tools which I called: Mesh Tracking Tools. Unfortunatelly Add-On became quite big and unstable for now, so I can’t share anything yet. Nonetheless I found some time to make short videos to present some funny effects made using Mesh Tracking Tools.

Here it is (or will be when Vimeo will finish processing it, while I will be sleeping :wink: ):

Quick explanation:
Effect 1 (Frames and Scar 1):
Nothing that can’t be done without script, but Mesh Tracking Tools allows You to put everything together in 2 clicks. “Create Mesh From Tracks” -> “Unwrap Mesh From Tracks”… And that’s basically it.
Effect 2 (Scar 2):
What’s new is that with Mesh Tracking Tools I was able to “extrude” plane that was tracked and draw somethinf on tracking markers.
Effect 3 (Scar 3, Zombie):
Using feature describe above I was able to map face from every frame and transform it to same coordinates. In result I got series of images. With that I performed the same operation on every image and reversed the process. Actually I also have a very funny exaple of face morphing but was not allowed to post it :wink:
Effect 4 (Object Based Tracking - Cube):
Cube was tracked from only 3 points
Effect 5 (Object Based Reconstruction - Face):
I reconstructed in Blender 3d positions of markers and than tried to reconstract head movement. You may not see it because video is quite short but reconstruction is quite stable except moments when number of visible points is changing. I have an idea how to fix it but didn’t find time yet.

For now the goal of Mesh Tracking Tools is:

  • make some basic effects easier to make
  • make some simple, fun effects possible to make
  • allow You to use Object Based Reconstruction (witch was the primary goal :wink: )

I already thought of a few improvements, but for now I think I will focus on making current script more usable.

Unfortunately I am lately very short on time, but I will try to make a short video tutorial on every tool and in the same time move corresponding part of add-on to Beta stage.

Thanks for reading. Sorry for wasting Your time. Hope You like what You saw and that I will have something more interesting to present soon.

(Oh… And if there are already tools to make some similar things in easy wasy just please tell me…)

This looks pretty cool. Please post updates as you go along.

Cool work and great to see. Keep us posted. :smiley:

Great work on the scar especially, i can just imagine seeing the musculature moving around as the face changes. Then i get this feeling of simultaneous delight and squick. :slight_smile:

Great Tool. Thanks for showing.