Mesh turns black when when rendering in eevee

Hey Guys,
I’ve modelled a Spaceship in Blender, and Textured it in Mari. Then I exported the Textures as .exr. So now I’ve got lots of Textures. Color.1001.exr, Color.1002.exr … and so on, because I have multiple UDIMs. When I import Color.1001.exr into Blender, and preview it in the UV Editor, everything looks fine. Blender automatically imports all Textures associated to the first. So Color.1002.exr, Color.1003.exr and so on. When I connect them to the principled BSDF, the mesh just turns black. Even when I view it with the nodewrangler it’s just black.

I tried to export the textures as .tiff, but the Problem remains.

I spend over 2 months modelling the ship, so I’m not comfortable putting the file here, sorry :confused:

Anyone an Idea, what the Problem might be?

Okay, I did some more testing, and it looks like the mesh is just black when rendering with eevee. Is there a way to fix that?