Mesh upsidedown in game engine?

I have a model and an armature of a left hand for a first person shooter game. I’ve duplicaded the hand model (not linked) and flipted it, to produce the right hand model. Next, i duplicaded the left hand armature and flipted it to produce the right hand armature. When i parent the rigth hand model to the right hand armature(use armature) and hit “p”, the right hand mesh just flips upsidedown.!?!?!

I could not figer out the reason!!!
:-? Does somebody knows why this is happening???

select the right armature and press alt+r. Then go into posemode and flip it. :slight_smile:

Thank’s for the reply. It worked fine!!! :smiley:
Just to know what i’m doing, what alt+r does?

It clears the rotation. The rotation is the local rotation of the mesh and…well I can’t explain it too well, maybe you should ask someone else. :expressionless:

u might want to put the armature in edit mode then duplicate or ur going to be rotating from the other hands poitn of origin, the armature should be yellow when u duplicate it.