Mesh with random holes

Hi guys! So today while i was working on sculpt mode and trying to mask something i accidentally clicked some shortcuts and it gave my mesh random line/holes, lined up in a circular way… unfortunately i didn’t screenshot it so i lost it all!! so to show you what it looked like i drew on the screenshot in photoshop:

imagine the red lines as holes… it was as if my mesh has shrinked, not in a grid kinda way. more natural, random looking way.
so the shortcut that i’ve probably used was either:
or Command+A
i tried everyone but it’s not giving me the same result again :frowning: can somebody help me please?

I don’t understand. Was this something you wanted to do? You want to do it again?
I figured you were looking for a way to fix random holes.

It is possible that you used Expand tool for face set creation with recursion steps or texture distortion and then hide the face set.

It is a tool for face set derived from same tool for mask with same modal keymap.

i accidentally did it but i can’t do it again, and i want to do it again x(

unfortunately it’s not that :frowning: but thanks!