Mesh won't follow armature!!!

I’ve scoured the web for answers and believe I’ve tried everything. Can someone please help me figure out why my mesh won’t follow the armature. Link to .blend file is below.


Your mesh is made out of overlapping parts. Therefore, bone heat weighting will not work, it will always fail. Doesn’t know what you want. You will have to manually weight paint all the pieces. First thing though, make sure your control bones are not deform bones. Your target IK bones you have marked as deform bones. They are not. Uncheck the deform box. Same with master and any other control bones like your mandibles. I’d make sure your mesh is clear of any parent alt p it and keep transforms. Select your mesh, select your armature and parent it using empty groups (control p) to create your vertex groups. Pick one of your deform vertex groups. For example m1.6.r and then Tab into edit mode on the mesh. Select the part of the mesh you want to deform with that bone. If you press L it will select the piece for you. Then go over to your vertex weight panel in your properties and click assign. Do that for all your bones and that will give you a start. You will need to go into weight paint mode after you do all of this to tweak the weights so your bones move the mesh nicely.

Thank you, stilltrying!!! Very generous of you to spend your time on this. It is much appreciated.