Mesh won't follow the Rig, parenting issue?

What I did was, with the armature in edit mode connect all the bones to their parent bones (by checking the connect button of each bone) and the rig looked much better. then I moved them into a better position. It still needs some Ik’s, weights, proper parenting etc.

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Like this?

You can just do rotation about individual origins in local axes, its a lot easier than placing each bone. I have a feeling that the bone heads are placed intelligently anyways, would much rather leave them where they already are.


Yes Like that, rotating them would have probably kept them in place I just thought it was more logical for them to be connected.

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Wow! You folks are super! I look forward to working with this rig in it’s new way…(Once I clear the parenting, apply transforms, rest set or nudge some of the bones and then connect them all (as I hope I understand). I will learn more about rigging as I re-rig this guy and work with him/her.

I am S0OO00ooooo grateful for your help and suggestions!!!
Thank you Both Bandages and DNorman! …And thank you bonus extra thanks for pictures. Words are so easy to mis understand. Screen shots are extremely helpful to me. Now…how to solve animating while listening to audio books…my coworkers tell me that is half my problem! :wink:
Wow. Thank you.

Bandages is right, if you rotate the bones on their local axis they will conserve the head positions of the original rig. You do not have to connect the bones like I did because they are already parented with keep offset.

Thank you so much! I believe there is probably a dozen or 3 ways to do this…one of things you both taught me was to give myself permission to un hook the rig and sort out the rig and re hook it/parent it…
I need to learn a lot more about ik and fk…I understand the basics, Kermit the frog’s arms are Ik? wire armature is fk? well…kind of? I have a immediate deadline and then I will re work this critter and try setting up the bones/rig in several ways and see what I get. Really ~ Thank You.