Mesh wont move with armature in pose mode

I’ve been following tutorials on rigging since its my first time trying it but i cant seem to get it to work?

I followed the tutorials exactly and got to the point of generating the rig and parenting the mesh to the armature but nothing. The mesh doesn’t move at all in pose mode after generating the rig.

i tried uploading the file but it says new users cant upload attachments
the wrist doesn’t move with the armature

load it here and post the url after you check to be sure that you are in the right mode. FK or IK. Looks like you are moving an FK bone. Make sure your bone is in FK mode.

How would i go about checking if its in fk or ik mode?

First of all you need to get your mesh reasonable if you want to animate it. You have way too many poly’s. Use decimate and see if that will get you down to something around 20,000 or so. Otherwise you will only frustrate yourself more. In a nutshell, you need to weight paint your model. Guessing that you are new to Blender and rigify, start here with Dan Pro. I realize he is on a different version of Blender, but basically you just need to find the buttons. This will help you understand rigging and rigify and weight painting (or skinning if you prefer). You have not weighted your deform bones for the arm and you need to make sure the IK FK slider in items is set to FK if you select that controller.

I realize this is quite a long series, but stick with it and learn.

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Thank you!