MeshAnalyzer Pro

Hello there!

When I model I almost always sooner or later create errors in my mesh, that can take me hours to figure out later. For example, I wasted hours trying to fix a texture problem because I missed an nGon at the back of my model I accidentally placed there. Another time I had an issue with a subdivision surface modifier and an inside edge I created when I missed the vertex I tried to select. On another occasion I had created non-manifold geometry and couldn’t get the boolean modifiers to work.

For all this I wanted a helper that would highlight any issues with my mesh while modeling or later and lists with a list view of relevant topology like poles and faces. Enter MeshAnalyzer Pro.

MeshAnalyzer Pro is a paid addon for Blender that helps users analyze their mesh. It gives a count of all poles and nGons and helps users find problems in their mesh. MeshAnalyzer Pro highlights all issues within a mesh, auto-syncs during modelling and is fully customizable.




  • Analyze the mesh with one click
  • Analyzes vertices, edges and faces
  • Non-destructive: MeshAnalyzer Pro just inspects
  • Overlay enables visual inspection of your mesh
  • Customizable in Add-on preferences
  • Auto-Sync shows live changes in mesh during editing (might be performance intensive)
  • Create reports!
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