MeshDeform binding oddity?

Hi folks.

Can anyone help me with a rather odd deform mesh binding problem?

See attached blend. This was originally 2.57, but to clean it up I had to re–save in my
current version (2.58). The problem is the same in either case.

I’m messing about with a combined armature and deform mesh. The armature is second in the stack,
which I understand is the approved method, and “Multi Modifier” is enabled. The deform cage is
bound at the default precision (5), and the armature is deforming both the model and the deform cage
(basic auto-weighting at this point on the model, perhaps tweaked a little, manual weight paint on the
deform cage).

If you open the file and immediately hit ‘G’ to drag the skull bone, you’ll see the problem.
Part of the head has been frozen in place, apparently by the deform mesh. I don’t understand why.

I’ve spread the deform cage away from the head as I want the armature to control def’ there.
The same for the hooves. but I’m rather limited on space there.

It seems to work fine except for the head, whcih has me seriously confused.

If you disable the mesh deform update (or unbind it) the problem goes away.

Re-binding at higher precision (e.g. 6) actually makes the problem worse.

I’ve checked the deform mesh carefuly, no dup verts, no ‘normal’ glitches.

I’m hoping maybe an expert can spot something I’ve got wrong?

Thanks in advance.


Argh! Upload of attachment failed. Bummer!

Something to do with the version of the .blend?

OK. I’ve stashed the .blend here…

No idea why it’s not uploading here to BA.


Finally spotted the problem. Somehow I’d lost a vertex from the right-hand side of the deform cage.

Because it was the other end of the model from where the problem showed itself, I just didn’t spot it.