Meshes keep moving on me?!?

When I am keyframing an animation, everything will work great. Then all of the sudden, I will make a key frame then all of the key frames before it will have the meshes seperating from each other. Further and further away then they will reunite back together at keyframe 1. This mostly happens when I just move a model and use the loc keyframe option. If anyone can help me figure this one, I would appreciate it.

This is puzzling, as you describe it at least, but I suspect that an actual inspection of the IPO-curves will reveal much. Other clues will come if you can try to describe how those meshes seem to “separate from one another, farther and farther away until they reunite at keyframe 1.” What exactly does it look like? And does the motion seem to be indicated by the IPOcurves?

That is what puzzles me. The moving of the meshes don’t show up on the IPO curves. I have already looked.

What it looks like is, Imagine a model made of several meshes. Like a car. The meshes will start to seperate such as the doors, bumbers, lights, etc, until it resembles an exploded schematic.

post the .blend file, if possible

Could it be perhaps that you haven’t grouped all of the parts of your model? I think if you just select all the bits and move them, setting keys as you go, the interpolation might not be the same for all of your objects as they each have individual ipo curves.

I think the best thing is if you make a parent for all the objects like say a make a parent for all of the objects on a car (bumper, tyres body etc.) and call it car. Then when you want to animate, just set keys on the car node. The child objects will stay where they should be.

maybe have one IPO then the rest parented to that obj.

I tried it with an empty, the same thing still happens.

Are you sure that you don’t have constraints set on certain objects? Also, did you make sure to delete your old keyframes after you had made the empty object as parent?