Meshes turn black in glsl mode or whit in multi

So after making a number of clothes based off of my mesh body I go to make a helmet but use a circle mesh instead of map of body this then causes all the other meshes to turn black or white depending on shader settings.Any way to fix this happens everytime to me when i make a new object not based on the same mesh.

Depending on what you exactly do you may mess up existing UV mapping, one thing what might happen. Could you describe steps you do when you arrive at helmet making?
Try making separate object and add UVs, material before join meshes.

I id not join any meshes. All I did was change the layer and make the helmet

Just to be clear - you have nice textured something on Layer1, you switch to Layer2, add Circle and model. Then you switch back to Layer1 and see textures gone leaving just white or black something? What’s in the Outliner, what Material is listed for the mesh on Layer1?