MeshMachine-2.81-need information

I downloaded this mesh machine thinking that it would work with 2.81 but I am not able to figure anything out because the videos do not match up with what I see in the preferences.
This video helped
this video cleared things up. It does seam to be working

It would be more appropriate to ask for assistance of the addon author directly, or at least in the mesh machine thread, otherwise they may not be aware of your problem.

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this video helped some.

If this was you (on youtube), then I’ve already replied over there.

I’m pasting my reply again, here:

Preferences have been simplified and since 2.80, modal tools are just modal now, without the option to force simple/non-modal behavior, which was a legacy option to transition from a time when tools weren’t modal yet. You can ignore that part.

You then went on to post on an unrelated MACHIN3tools video (a different addon), but still talking about an information disconnect in regards to MESHmachine. You claimed not being able to follow because you can’t see my screencast keys on your screen. The screencast keys I use in some videos are not part of MESHmachine, or MACHIN3tools for that matter.

This is good to know. But it’s just one video covering a single feature of MESHmachine. As I’ve said on youtube, I highly suggest you consume the MESHmachine documentation via the official source, which combines textural and pictorial information with embedded narrated videos.

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Sorry I posted things prematurely. I need to watch all the suggested docs videos first! And yes the screencast keys! I see them all over now! Thanks for your replys