MESHmachine, KitOps, etc. - Similarities, Differences?

Hi there!

I am catching up on Hard Surface Modelling in Blender and I am in the process of getting an overview and checking out all the available add-ons and workflows. So far I figured out that there are basically Meshmachine and HardOps for modeling, Kit Ops and Decal Machine for how-would-you-call-that-type-of-modeling and also Boxcutter.

I watched some of the CGCookies videos about those two, saying that HardOps is more destructive than Meshmachine, but the videos are older and I have the impression those add-ons changed a lot.

What would you say is better for your workflow and why? What are the main differences and what features really make them stand-out against each other?

Looking forward to hearing your opinions!


Hi Marlon,

All these mentioned addons working great and closely together, in short MeshMachine is changing geometry in an easy way and makes a lot of sense in many situations, especially to repair overshot bevels and geometry, while hOps/Boxcutter makes a lot of sense in combination with modifiers, non destructive way.

Best would be to visit the hopsCutter Discord channel and ask there for more in detail infos. (You’ll find the link directly in the addon)

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Thank you, I’ll do that!