I’ve made a set of plugs for MESHmachine that I’ve put up for free on gumroad. It is the first time I’ve done anything like this so for my piece of mind and your goodwill I’ve made them free. If you think they need to be better please say. If you think they are worth something to you I would appreciate whatever you think is fair.

I’ve called them LowTech because they’re the sort of detail you’d find on old tanks and construction equipment. I intend to add to this over time.

Check it out:


Amazing add-on. Just got it today and can’t wait to test drive it! Only thing is, I can’t seem to find the tutorial file, the one they demonstrated on CGCookie?

Not a huge issue. Just figured I wasn’t looking in the right place.

Maybe here . . . :slightly_smiling_face:
Become a Non-Destructive Modeling MACHINE with MESHmachine and DECALmachine - CGC Live Event

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While I really appreciate third party content about my tools, I highly recommend to go to the source first, and check what I have to say about the tools and how to use them:
Playlist, Documentation with embeded Videos.

Once I’m finished with the 2.80 releases of DECALmachine and MESHmachine, I intend to focus on showing the usage of these tools in real world scenarios, that go beyond the sample scenes in the feature videos.


Just bought the addon, you should get a nobel prize or something for this tool:)


Machine3 I want to complement you on MESHmachine!

I have used it for a while now, and the Plug feature has been awesome. I used it for all the fastener details on this 2BB-2 Droid I am modeling for the BB-8 Builders Club.

This is a full scale, 3D printable model (made to be fully motorized and animated), so I needed to be able to add those fastener details into the mesh and have them fully integrated and printable, not just visible in a render. It was fast and it worked great!

I also created plugs of the numbers 0 - 9, so I could number the individual panels of the sphere on the inside, for assembly. (This is something I recommend someone publish - a good pack of number and letter plugs…) I need to learn more to make those number plugs better, to deal with triangles near the outside of the mesh that can cause distortion when the plug is created. I need to watch the videos again and figure out exactly why I had a problem, but I overcame it with an outset at the rectangular perimeter of each number, so there were only quads there on the outside.

I also used the great Tape feature to lay out all the panel cuts, then converted those to a mesh, and then manually created the final width, inset, and integrated them. (It would be so awesome to be able to specify the width of the tape in units, not just pixels, and then have that “Plug” into the mesh for making panels).

Thanks for making your tool!


#*@& man. Sick droid!

hey Machin3, please give us a release date for 2.8 ><



dude, come on, we didn’t even have a release date for 2.8 itself yet


did he ever confirm that he waits for the full release?
i thought he would go the same route as most addon developers and start working and releasing once read for the blender 2.8 beta (which is out already of course)

and almost all of them saying that 2.8 versions is still in beta.
You can’t guarantee plugin to work if next day’s build of 2.8 will broke it or lead to instability.
That’s actually quite a risk to make all of that stuff until even API is finished, because one update can make whole addon inapplicable. We just lucky that Machin3 is a fun of his work and willing to take that risk and even share it with us.

if people ask for a mesh machine release date they are obviously talking about a release for the beta that they are able to use at the moment. i honestly dont see where its useful to remind people that we dont have a release date for the full release. i dont think people wanna know when they can use mesh machine with the final release of blender 2.8, they are obviously aware that they are working with blender beta atm.

As I daily check Machine3’s tweets, he is busy with porting Decal Machine first. It seems to me that it is nearly finished but he didn’t give a release data. Giving a release date is not that simple I believe. It’s like predicting the weather at this Blender Beta stage.
Imaging how hard it is to give a release date for porting Mesh Machine. Probably a start has not been made yet.
(English is my second language).

oh. i am not arguing that people have the right for a release date. it takes time, and that is fine. it will be there when its ready. will be worth the wait.

i am just saying that its useless to suggest that we dont even have a release date for blender 2.8 when it doesnt have anything to do with a beta release for meshmachine.

2.79x version here, I have a sort of issue with “stashes” : their data keep haunting my blend file even thought I used the proper steps to delete them.
In fact as last resort I’v used “Atom Bomb” addon which delete the undeletable ones, but even Atom Bomb fails toward stashes data. Any tips?

What does that mean?

I’m not familiar with that, so don’t have any input on that.

It mean that pieces of data remain from the stashes meshes, so classical “orphans” that dont go away because Blender refute to consider them as that and clean them as he should. Atom Bomb resolve that problem and yet it cant do nothing in front of orphan stashes, they remain whatsoever. Most probably that will not create any sort of problem, I just wanted to let you know that because reasons.

I still don’t know what the actual problem is. How do you know stashes aren’t fully removed? How do they haunt your blend files? Be specific.


I just wondering if have you done any work so far on MeshMachine for Blender 2.8?.., i really miss it in 2.8.

Thank you very much for any information.
Best Regards

Not MACHIN3, but as I understand it, it is currently working on pushing out documentation + release for Decal Machine 2.8. I recommend following its twitter.

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