MACHIN3, hello
I start to learn your genious addon
I have a question
I mean, that segments must be +1 like it is in stock bevel tool?
Please look on screenshots

this is very confusing to me
Thank you!

Segments in the Fuse tool refers to the number of new vertices in each sweep or the number new edge loops in it, which to me is a more useful stat than the amount of face loops. It’s the same with the “Number of cuts” in the bridge tool.


Unf*ck Merge


Thank you for reply.
But…, no)))))

Oh. I was not aware of that :d.
Hmm, there could be name distinction, like:
divisions/splits instead of segments, or point that fact in docs?

I hadn’t seen all the 0.6 videos, well worth watching and seeing what is different from the preview version I purchased.

Machine3 you’ve done very well, I especially appreciate your explanations. That’s critical to understanding when to use each feature. The voice sounds perfectly fine, don’t let anyone tell you any different, well paced as well. I can tell you have spent a lot of time on getting those right.

One suggestion for the title of the Unf*ck tool:
I fully understand your sentiment, but… you could just call it the Unfreak tool. As it is, that particular video is NSFW, and can’t be played at home either, because of the fully uttered, repetitive curse word.
This minor change will also remove an unnecessary barrier for greater adoption of the addon.

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Are we there yet? :upside_down_face:

EDIT: Bought it now. AWESOME! Also there is a previewbuild 5.13 that has almost all new features except plugs.

So, this is only the 0.5 version? Can we get a previewbuild? Will the price increase after the update and are all updates free? I really want to buy this, but everytime I think I’ll just buy this I have second thoughts. :confused: I have not a lot money this month and it would be a pretty bummer if the tool isn’t like I think it is.

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hey there,
i’ve got the same small problem i’ve got with boxcutter.
once a tool is active i’m not able to zoom or rotate the camera since i’m using maya navigation mode.
so alt-lmb as well as alt-rmb confirm the tool instead of changing the camera view.
is there some workaround for this except for using blender navigation mode? :wink:
cheers chris

There is not unfortunately. Try to get used to Blenders navigation, its superior anyway :slight_smile:

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naaw … i’d rather not be able to navigate then :wink:
just out of curiosity, why do you think the blender navigation is superior?

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because you don’t have to press TWO buttons to change camera angle

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Waiting 0.6:smiley:


Has this project come to a halt? No news here since 18 days and over at YT no vids since a month.:disappointed:
Version 0.6 looks really promising and I was eagerly looking forward. But now I begin to doubt if this release will ever happen. Please Machin3, can you state something to conserve the hope?:slightly_smiling_face:

I believe Machin3 injured his arm and had/has? to take a break for a while.
But better wait for his reply.

Yes, I was forced to take a 2 month break, as I couldn’t type or do anything really without pain in my left arm. I’m back to a normal schedule since past week and am pumping out plug videos (unlisted), aiming for a release this month.

There’s no reason do doubt or hope. 0.6 is done and is working and has been tested by a few people. It’s unfortunate how I was stopped in my tracks shortly before the finishing line, but I’m back in the race now.

I could make the plug videos public, but fear this would be misleading to new users. Every other 0.6 video, describes features, that are already available in the 0.5.13 pre-release, so they aren’t over promising anything.


@ Machin3 - good to hear that you are back on track, and best wishes in case you need to get well still.
The plug function is what I found really appealing. So I´m looking forward to the release day and keep the patience.


yup, good decision since that’s exactly what happened to me in August and I was frustrated that there’s no plugs yet.

Yes, its coming very soon as I check Twitter.

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