Yes it does. updates are free.

To clarify, buying MESHmachine today, will get you the upcoming 2.80 release called MESHmachine 0.6.8 for free.
Buying it today however, does not include the 2.80 build, as it’s not released yet.

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Ah my mistake. I hastily assumed it was another “is it out yet” question.

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Great ! Thank you again !

Great to see the 2.8 version released!
However the discount link thing doesn’t seem to work for me. Is it the mail address I used at the time of purchase (blendermarket) or the mail address where I received the mail about the update? I changed the address at some point. Gumroad doesn’t accept either of them as discount code. Yes I replaced the dots with underscores. :wink:

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Buying it today however, does not include the 2.80 build, as it’s not released yet.

Blender Market customers download from Blender Market. They don’t get discounts for gumroad.

The discount links are for existing customers of MESHachine on gurmroad, so they can do the switch for free, because MESHmachine for 2.80 is a new product on gumroad now.

It’s out now.


Thank you so much for updating the addon!

When can we expect to receive the email with the discount link?

+10 points for making me feel stupid. I kinda assumed it was available via gumroad only without thinking twice. Never mind then and thanks for your work!

If you bought on gumroad and haven’t received it yet, you should email me at [email protected] and I can sort you out.

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v0.6.8 for Blender 2.80 is out | Gumroad

If you are an existing MM customer on gumroad, check your email for a 100% discount. MESHmachine 0.6.8 is a separate product now. If you have not received an email, please reach out to me directily at [email protected]

About 0.6.8

The 0.6.8 release is the first MESHmachine for Blender 2.80.
It is for the most part a straight port of MESHmachine 0.6. There are only a few additions, but numerous tweaks and improvements.
Users of the previous 0.6 version should feel right at home, maybe more so than ever - now in Blender 2.80.

A few things - mostly legacy modal options - have been removed to streamline the codebase going forwards.

Check out the changelog in the docs, or below, for a detailed list of all changes.


There are two open Blender bugs affecting the Plug tool : T64300 and T64307.
Until they are fixed, there will be issues with plugging and Redo Last .

This means, you currently can’t change the plug rotation via the redo panel , and Plug deformation will stop working, as soon as any property is changed in the redo panel . You should be able to work around that by manualy undoing as demonstrated here.

Furthermore, the contain and normal transfer options are now temporarily enabled by default to avoid unecessary undos. This comes at a ~50% performance cost.


  • Plugs
    • create collections when bringing Plugs into the scene
    • default to raycast based plug insertion (at the location of the mouse cursor)
    • support local view
    • remove show wire option and always use the fading wire instead
  • Fuse, Unfuse, Refuse, Unchamfer, Unbevel
    • auto-set smooth tool option based on initial selection
    • auto-sets tool options when working on DECALmachine panel decals
  • ChangeWidth
    • add taper option
  • Symmetrize, RealMirror
    • use different colors when mirroring custom normals
    • improve drawing performance
  • RealMirror
    • create collections for originals and mirrored objects
  • VSelect
    • draw all vgroups in addition to the highlighted and selected ones
  • stashes HUD
    • only draw when overlays are enabled
  • CreateStash
    • improve performance significantly
  • ViewStashes
    • support retrieving stashes in local view
  • TransferStashes
    • draw transferred stashes, this is especially useful in context of the re-stash option
  • NormalTransfer
    • optionally switch the matcap automatically when the tool is run and switch back when finished
  • Remove Tape tool
    • Grease Pencil now has a Line shape, that’s similar
  • Preferences
    • add options for context menus for object and edit modes
    • automatically register LoopTools, if the wrappers are enabled and LoopTools is not registered
    • fix issues in Plug Library Rename and Remove
    • add update check
    • add GetSupport tool
    • update about page
    • remove keyboard layout selection
    • remove options to use tools in either SIMPLE or MODAL mode
  • add tool tips for all tools
  • improve all modal tools
    • prevent jumping values when cursor wrapping, when rotating the view and when toggling SHIFT and CTRL
    • mesh scale and zoom independent modal geometry adjustments
  • fix issues when unregistering and Loading Factory Settings
  • start refactoring, simplifying and optimizing internals of the chamfer and fillet toolset in preparation for 0.7

Re-Watch the trailer for 0.6, all of this is in 2.80 now:


The HUD is very small on a retina display.
(Though I found a place to make it bigger in the code).

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Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll make it take the HUD scale pref into account.


Waaaaaah!!! I love this. :slight_smile: So happy it’s out for 2.8! I’ve been waiting for this one. :smile: Nice work!


Hurray! The best addon ever!


For some reason the mail got sent out to anyone who got a product from your gumroad (machin3 tools in my case).

I was confused with " Since you are an existing customer , you can use a 100% discount to grab it for free.". But good thing the code doesn’t work.

As someone who got on the Blender train with 2.8, thanks for the update, time to start playing with this addon!

Awesome, can’t wait to add this to 2.8 for sure.

@MACHIN3 I’d like to request some Wacom-friendly hotkeys, meaning alternatives for mousewheel. Thanks!

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Already avaliable, use the 1 and 2 keys.