Finally! Thanks for finally bringing it!

K my first time trying Boolean Cleanup in 2.8. I am getting some unexpected behavior. Am I doing something wrong?

That doesn’t look right. Please send bug report.

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K just trying a simple plug on a default cube. It seems Autosmooth ON will result in bad smoothing, but OFF results in better smoothing. Also noticed that Auto Smooth ON will correct the normals of the actual plug. OFF will smooth out the sharp angles on the plug, but will keep the mesh edges hard.

I am finding that Clear Custom Split Normals Data seems to fix the issue, but I’m not sure if it’s supposed to work this way.

It’s the normal transfer which it enabled by default as long as the Blender bugs exist. Normal transfers kind of require smooth objects, not boxes without bevels like in your case.

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I’m trying to dive into plug creation (2.8) and I keep running into the “Handle polygons are flipped!” error message on the validation tool. So I check handle polygon normals and see them all pointing up. I flip them so they are down and try it in either direction but still see the message on validation. If not normals then what is the root cause of the error message? I’m very new to blender polygonal modeling tools so I’m probably doing something easily avoidable but I don’t know what. I’m just using inset and then knife tool to connect the points. Thanks.

Please post the blend file. It’s working for me.

Final piece od 2.8 puzzle. Thank you a lot MACHIN3!

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Hi machins
I need your help . i don’t get your email about update addon to 2.8 .
I bought the addon when meshmachine was born , both decal machine. could you can double check this ? My gumroad [email protected]
Big thanks!

Email send.

hello ! thanks for the update, i wrote a five star review !
but the HUD of the active tool is getting crazy for me, impossible to move correctly with my mouse movement, is this normal because its under construction?

i have two annoying things that happend:

  1. the hud appear far away from my cursor
  2. when i move my cursor outside of the blender window it stops

Hi machin3
I sent you a mail to this adress:
[email protected]
but didn’t receive the update email.
could you check this?

I have send a mail. I have not received one from you before, not from that address. Let me know if your discount arrived.

Yes received!
Big Thanks!

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Thank you very much for the update. It`s great to have MeshMachine in Blender 2.80.

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PSA: the latest Blender builds 3076544c8c52 (windows) and d726d7e462d9 (linux, macos), break MESHmachine and I assume many other addons, because of various depsgraph changes, including the removal of scene.update()



I’ve been using the symmetrize tool a lot, and noticed that I often have to change the mirror direction in the redo panel. It would be nice if there was an option to automatically choose the direction based on the selection.

Also, is there any way to mirror just the selection, and not the whole object?

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This can be fixed with discilpline. Be more aware of where you are working. Work on the positive x, negative y and positive z and you will never have to switch the axis. If you work on different axes, change the direction once, and the tool will remember your direction for that session.

If you constantly have change the direction, that only means you aren’t consistant with were you are working on your symmetrical designs.

Determining the direction automatically based on the selection is a great idea, thanks. I will look into it!

Also, is there any way to mirror just the selection, and not the whole object?

Not right now, but maybe in future, yes.

Hi machin3
I purchased meshMachine on gumroad for blender 2.79, but I haven’t received discount email for 0.6.8. Could you please send it to?