I’ve send you a mail. Next time get in touch with me directly via email.

Thank you! Sure I will contact you directly via email next time.

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v0.6.9 is out | Gumroad

You need to use the latest Blender builds with this release.

  • Plug
    • fix recent depsgraph issues
    • support local view
    • if auto smooth is required, enbable it
    • fix previous redo issues affection plug rotation and deformation
    • WARNING : until T64794 is fixed, array plugs can’t be normal transfered
  • AddPlugToLibrary
    • fix recent depsgraph issues
  • Insert
    • clear drivers to prevent issues with plugs created in 2.79
    • improve raycast and raycast performance
  • BooleanCleanup
    • fix rare vert drawing issue
  • stashes HUD
    • take into account MM’s modal_hud_scale and Blender’s ui_scale prefs
  • fix broken driver in Examples plug 018
  • fix multi-region issue with modals and HUDs
  • fix utils.registraion.reload_plug_libraries()
  • fix Plug Packs link in help Panel
  • fix gumroad link in Preferences - About

Super cool, it’s awesome!

Seeing all those green checkboxes is strangely fulfilling, GroupPro was the last piece of the pussle :smiley:

Thanks for the hard work you put into this! :slight_smile:


Pretty sweet looking setup!

I’m really sorry, but I again didn’t get a thing: is there any way to copy already inserted plug or use Array modifier on it? Or only way to get a plug in scene is insert it via plug menu?

Once a plug is plugged (ehj?) it is part of the mesh. (destructive).
It is not like the inserts as in KITOPS. Plugs are quite magical. (normal transfer, deform to surface, etc).

There are some array-plugs though, which you can adjust before plugging.
Here you see how a plug (apology for my bad topology, but this was quite challenging), deforms and become part of the mesh.


No, before plugging, like when I still can manipulate it and stuff and want another one like this, but in a different place. Is there only way to insert a new one and copy transformation data from already scaled and placed one?

oh, that way. I was able to do it as follows:

  • Press Y, select plug,
  • Before plugging, go in the Outliner, and select hierarchie
  • Shift+D, Grab and adjust. (Is has the same size)
  • To plug, select a handle, then select mesh, press y, plug.

I think there is no way to apply an array to complete plug.
It could be I didn’t understand the question completely, my apology in that case.

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Oh, the hierarchy. Now it works, thanks!

The aim of Quick Patch is to quickly create localized patches, that can be used to fix shading issues for situations where you don’t have a stash around. The tricky part with this tool was to make it conform to the surface as perfectly as possible(or it won’t be useful for normal transfers), while ignoring irregularities created by mesh details.


This is bloody incredible!

Hi. Quick patch so cool can’t wait for it. Great job.

have question why if fuse & refuse in segments when we have 6 on mesh we have 7 faces?
Is there a reason for this or is a bug?
I think to be better when number & faces of bevel are the same but its only my opinion.

I count the edges, not the faces.

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just dropping by that MESHmachine has been an incredible tool for “medium poly” workflow. Using Fuse on low poly Boolean edges + Weighted Normals is incredible for getting rock solid edge bevels on low poly models. I find that often I do not need to bake anything! im still learning to use MESHM3 more optimally but im already getting great results in UE4.


Hi, i’m learning Mesh Machine with the help of the documentation videos.
How can I manage to call the “Machin” plugin" window in order get access to the “contain” option (1:41" in Plugs intro video) ?

I got it thank you.It was there but I didn’t see it.

Feature request: chamfer angle.