Sorry, mistake on my part … this is version 0.6.11. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I correct my previous post…

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A request, if possible, is to hide the MACHIN-tab in workspaces where I filter addons (like MeshMachine or Decal Machine).
Because I have so many addons, I have workspaces for Archiv, Characters, Assets, Animation, etc. And in each workspace I enable applicable addons. That way I can read what’s in my N-Panel. But for some reason I always had MACHIN in all workspaces under several Blender versions with all versions of addons.

This is related to how DM and MM (un)register their panels at runtime.
I’ve already changed how this is done a while ago, to properly filter them out from workspaces. Will be available in DECALmachine 2.0 and MESHmachine 0.7.


Is there any use for MESHmachine when trying to clean up CAD mesh? I think I may have jumped the gun a bit on this purchase, thinking it would work, but trying it out, it seems no. But it may still have uses in the workflow.
CAD mesh, pretty much across the board, keeps meshing to every surface edge, up to a given tolerance. This means, every flat object gets triangles all over it when it goes to touch the next edge, and the bevels and boundaries end up being mostly triangles. Using that, you get the shape you’re looking for, but it’s a bit heavy, and the normals are All over the place. If you decide, in blender, that the bevel has too many segments, you have to delete it and try again, only Meshmachine won’t touch it (as far as I’ve learned). It says it has Ngons. Well, it has lots of triangles that it shouldn’t. Doing a limited dissolve at lease greates flat Ngons, which is ok for hard surface modeling, but there are still mid-edge vertices that connect as triangles in the bevels.
The first object I did was just a literal box. So I just snapped the 4 corners of one face out to the boundaries of the 4 box sides, then extruded down to the bottom box. Redid my bevel, and I’ve got my box.
But this next shape is a more complex object. I’ll add it here because it’s still really simple, but might be a good example of how mesh machine would be used (or if I’m just screwed completely and need to do it all by hand). I was hoping it was able to remove the fillets by doing some sort of delete and also extending the adjacent surfaces until the edges touched, and merge them. That’s Basically how it’s done in Fusion 360. But that’s obviously NURBS, so not the same by any means.
door.blend (763.3 KB)

While the plug tool can deal with CAD geometry, all the other tools in MESHmachine are focued on mesh modeling. In regards to the bevel/fillet tools, they all expect clean, all-quad topology.

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I don’t suppose you know of a tool to delete bevels (fillets) from CAD data while extending the other faces? Once that is done, and maybe a basic mesh limited dissolve, it should be ready for mesh machine. But right now I have to do that all manually deleting all the bevel faces, extending each face to intersect the others, then cutting them with the trim option. (I don’t know of a way to extend them to meet eachother, so that was my best solution). Although, that only works for flat surfaces of course. But anything curved from CAD will likely just need to be remodelled anyway. But I’m trying to utilize any shortcuts I can. At least for remodeling I can make use of mesh machine, box cutter, and hardops, wherever appropriate.

v0.6.12 is out | Gumroad | Blender Market


  • ensure 2.90 compatibility
  • support ALT navigation
  • support proper work space filtering for panels

So if we’re still in 2.83, better to stay with the previous version, correct?

…Also, maybe this is not doable but, with your addons and Hardops’, the number of updates you make frequently mess up my hotkeys after reinstalling, even after following your guide. Some hotkeys will be replaced, or forgotten, or overlapped with the ones from the reinstalled addon.

This week I just found out about EZ Baker and was taking a look at this addon. What I found sooo convenient was a new feature AquaticNightmare added this week, an auto-updater within the addon itself. Perhaps the way things are built would not be doable with your paid addons, and you probably already considered this multiple times though I can’t know for certain but, wouldn’t it be a thing worth investigating, so as to make the reinstalling experience that much smoother for people running on heavily modded setups?

I will support 2.83 and 2.90 going forward. I recomed updating to anybody, so 2.83 user as well.

I don’t see why that would be happening. You may want to reproduce the behavior and report it.

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v0.6.13 is out | Gumroad | Blender Market

This is a tiny bugfix release for users of 2.90, that fixes an exception when adding a plug to a library.


I’m doing a sale on gumroad till the end of the month.

To get 25% off of MESHmachine use this link:


InstaBuy! Wanted to play with this tool for a long time. You do amazing work. Thank you for the discount :slight_smile:


Thank you for the support! I’m excited to get back to development on it!


That’s even more good news. :smiley:


That was the perfect reason to buy this wonderful tool.

Thx a lot for your amazing work :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

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As a hardsurface artist and lover I can’t wait to see even a little bit of progress on MESHmachine update.

Do you have a backlog with ideas what you want to achieve in next updates? Some new tools maybe?


i totally second this

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I would love this too :smiley: On the one hand I acknowledge perhaps a tools developer wouldn’t want this due to fear of other competitors stealing ideas, or the pressure of feeling like giving too high expectations too early, but on the other hand as a product user i would love to have a peek inside your mind and maybe even share my opinion on it. Perhaps it’s too entitled of me to want this, and you don’t want to hear such a thing, but that doesn’t stop me from wishing this.


Look at demo videos but still have a question.
Can meshmachine provide ability to create variable radius fillets with blend betveen regural circular fillet, and “blended surfaces” on existing mesh without touching its general shapes, i.e.
We cannot unfuse rounded parts of the model and make it rounded again cause existing model shapes need to be complitely untouched, except of filleting.
without needs to manually cut some edges which will be the rails for the fillet, cause geometry are too dense to make it manually especially for precision and smooth surface flow.

Hard to explain all of it, so here just a picture: