Stash the object to the object you want to fix the normals on.
You can also transfer stashes from one object to another.


v0.7.1 is out | Gumroad | Blender Market

This is a small bugfix release with some UI tweaks.
If you have 0.7 installed already, I’d consider this an optional update, depending on whether you require any of the supplied fixes or tweaks, see changelog below.

The easiest way to install a bugfix release like this one, is to simply overwrite the existing MESHmachine addon folder with the MESHmachine folder in the 0.7.1 zip file. There’s no need to delete anything.


  • add NDOF(3d mouse) support for viewport navigation in all modal tools
  • add optional stashes HUD offset in preferences
  • NormalTransfer and Conform tools
    • reverse stash scroll direction, just like in the ViewStashes tool
  • fix Quickpatch raycast error, when filtering out decals but not having DM installed
  • fix 2.93 issues due to change in bpy.props representation before registration

Hi, I curious about how to continue modeling after using normal transfer? Its shading become weird like this.

That’s why it’s best to postpone fixing normals to the end.

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So if I need to add any details later, I have to clear normal and transfer again, right?

Most of Blender’s and MESHmachine’s tools will break existing custom normals, yes. It’s basically impossible to maintain them in a way that users would expect them, when manipulating and creating new geometry.

Clearing and/or re-transfering is the way to go yes.

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is the 25% promo over?

Yes, it ran for exactly one week, Sunday to Sunday. Email me, if you missed it.

Thanks for the reply. Good to hear, So does Gumroad do the discount at checkout, or do I enter it?

The winter_sale discount code has expired. You need to email me, I’ll give you a new link.

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windows 10 thanks you machin3.

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Hey there,
just got MESHmachine and I was wondering: Is it possible to change the segments of a cylinder after the object has been created and the parameters are not available anymore with MESHmachine?

Basically a Refuse for meshes with segments like cylinders. I love that mesh machine allows you to alter bevels and chamfers afterwards, would love the same functionality for mesh parameters where the mesh hasn’t been altered in a way that would make that impossible.

That’s not possible with the Refuse tool, no. Cylinders aren’t bevels so there are no guiding surfaces and the Fuse surface tension isn’t circular either.

Would it be generally possible to create a tool for this? Definitely. But if it only works for cylinders you wouldn’t have gained much, as you can create a new cylinder almost as fast. It would have to work for cylindrical objects in general, which complicates things a bit. Still possible though.

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Yes, absolutely, having this for cylindrical objects in general would be awesome and fit the idea of MESHmachines tools quite well IMHO. At least for me, I can think of many occurences where I wished I could change the number of segments on the fly afterwards, especially for game assets. Would be cool if you could consider this for the future. :slight_smile:

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I have been considering this in context of an unannounced addon, where it fits at least as well as in MESHmachine, so I may get around to it at some point.

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hey machine can you examine this file, i am unable to transfer normals nicely (from other object stashes, and then transferring them to the target object as you told me days ago…) i attempted the manual way with data transfer modifier and then with your addon with no sucess… faucet-test2.blend (1.5 MB)

v0.7.2 is out! | - Gumroad, Blendermarket, Documentation


  • support stashing evaluated meshes using ALT key
  • when swapping stash, parent active’s children - including decals - to swapped stash object
  • fix subset plug creation issue
  • fix typos

hey can you check my blend file above please :upside_down_face: :sweat_smile:

Hey @MACHIN3 I’m about to pull the trigger and buy this, but have a question about being notified on new releases when buying from the Blender Market. I think I’d prefer to buy add-ons from one and same place, as much as possible, and I’ve decided to lean mostly towards Blender Market for that. So, how do I know when new versions arrive, without manually having to check forums or look up Blender Market?

I send out emails for each release. Make sure your have them enabled in your notification settings.
Outside of that twitter and this forum are the best places to be informed.

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