It is so worth it. Definitely get it.


bro its not gonna take you nothing of your time to check my blend file, please… :upside_down_face:

Try a lower density normal source, covering a bigger area.
This is not normal mapping, you are are limited by the vert resolution with normal transfers. A higher density normal source does nothing for you.

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ok thanks for the late reply tho :upside_down_face: :joy: :sweat:, so if take a subdivided mesh it doesn’t work for a lower resolution mesh for the transfer? yeah unless i gonna bake that into to a texture map it would possibly work, but is not the case… so i should use a lower resolution mesh similar as the other lower resolution mesh to transfer its normals properyl? btw with your quick patch tool could it be handy for this kind of situations to create a quick surface normal cleaners for this one?

Sure will. And Grid Modeler.

In 2.93, I’m getting “list index out of range” when trying to use the unbevel tool. Unfortunately, no more info than that in the info log. Does it in 2.92 as well.

Your selection is loose from the rest of the mesh.

How so? It was a cube that I’d beveled two edges on and then decided to unbevel one of them. I never separated anything. Unfortunately, I don’t have it anymore since the tool wasn’t working and it was easy enough just to slice the object in half to get where I was going anyway.

You pressed Y two times, thereby splitting the selection.

OK, I have no idea if I actually did that, but I’d personally call that a design flaw then, as that’s surely very easy to do by mistake (especially as quickly as you suggested that as the culprit, you must’ve seen it a lot of times?). One of the two (probably the initial menu) should require a modifier key to prevent an accidental double keystroke from breaking crap unnoticed or simply not reuse Y for any of the items under that menu. The last thing you want is the interface design to allow unintended actions to occur easily, especially without it being obvious that it happened.

Using Y for the menu, conflicts with Y being the default mapping for splitting. Although rarely used, it can be useful. Hence why there is an option in the prefs, to add the tool at the bottom of the MESHmachine menu. For convenience, it’s reusing the Y key as a shortcut, allowing for quick double tabs.

Adding the Split tool to the menu is optional and disabled by default - and exactly for this very reason.
You chose to enable it.

The fillet tools will recognize this scenario in future and the error will be prevented, but there are more imporant things to work on right now.

Hi, I bought this addon and have been loving it so far however I have one huge little nag with it and I’m wondering if it can be stopped.

I change Blenders view controls to better sync with other industry tools (However I do not use the Industry Standard keymap that changes everything, just manually change the viewport controls). Alt+LMB for orbit, Alt+MMB for pan and Alt+RMB for zoom. Since getting MeshMachine I ahve noticed that if I am in Edit Mode and I have an edge selected, Alt+LMB can no longer orbit the view, I have to deselect the edge before I can.

This has been unbelievably disruptive to my work flow for such a small thing, I am almost always selecting edges then orbiting view to get a better angle or to match against references in the viewport. Is there a way to stop this from happening? I assume something is bound to Alt+LMB during Edge Selection by default but I can’t see it actually doing anything when I’m using it.


Thank you, didn’t realise a hotkey control for it was in the add-on sub menu.

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See :slight_smile: