MeshMeshi Lion "Cartoon Funny Clips"


Working for this for a Personal Comedy Videos and stills .

there will be like more than 10 Characters

Dad , Mom , Casual , Thief , Policeman , … etc …
a very silly Bird " Om ulhalawi "

i got very very nice scenarios/ideas written on my diary … , but let’s make them a surprise …

what do you think till now … ?


quite cute :smiley:

but i think he needs a tail:eyebrowlift:

a tail will ruin his sense of humour … :slight_smile:

why he can step on it and fall down and then he would be angry about evolution :wink:

still working on this …

i don’t like the fur … so …

a turn table , needs work still , final exams

aha , what do you think ?

I think with this style, you’d be better off going with mesh hair rather than with particles
maybe something like this?

mesh hair , i will think about it …

new update

do he look like a lion ?
or not , i think i need to edit his face …

i have rigged him :slight_smile: .

very basic video